In anticipating the incoming M6mkII, how mkI holds up till now for me

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Re: In anticipating the incoming M6mkII, how mkI holds up till now for me

Craig Smith wrote:

(Look for the original M6 to be on sale this holiday season.)

I wouldn't recommend that unless you never use P mode + Auto Iso. The M6 has a serious issue in P mode + Auto Iso, but nobody in this forum is talking about that (I guess most users here are very biased or don't test cameras accurately): In P mode + Auto Iso the M6 will often choose 1/250s, even with the stabilized 15-45mm at 15mm in low-light conditions. Then you will capture even less light in low-light conditions than very old(!) smartphone cameras.

It seems that this happens when the camera detects that it is moving, but even very small normal(!) movements can cause 1/250s at high Isos. I can reproduce this immediately with M5, M6 and M100 cameras. Whenever I go to a camera store, I can reproduce it immediately, so I could show it to a Canon employee, who confirmed the issue. This was one of the main reasons (apart from the unusable(!) low-light autofocus when using slow lenses without using the autofocus light) why I sent the M6 back. The M50 (or Canon DSLRs) don't have this issue. It's a shame that Canon doesn't fix this issue.

But the M50 has a very inconsistent autofocus when you want to focus on small objects, nearly unusable. I didn't test this with the M6, so it's possible that the M6 is better in this regard.

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