At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

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Re: At what events / occasions did you shoot the most images?

richiebee wrote:

Mark_A wrote:

richiebee wrote:

I think my first roller derby is my highest. I had no clue what the rules were and the spills are plentiful. I think I shot around 2100 that evening (~2 hours), with zero continuous shooting. I did a festival a number of years ago where I shot even more -3500ish, but it was covering two days and an evening concert.

Hi richiebee, i would have thought your numbers would be on the higher levels

I’ve always resisted spray and pray... the thought of going through so many images makes me tired.

Me too, it isn't that I lose interest but it just takes so long. I guess I haven't got the right workflow for lots of images and often when I process I am doing it for the web.

I have to get used to processing for print and then downsizing if I want an image for the web.

How do you cope with PP for so many images? Or do you shoot jpeg? And presumably you have massive memory cards and hard disks?

I shoot raw, edit inLightroom, and move to Photoshop only when necessary. I start with a first pass cull, sometimes with a bit of pp to see if a shot is worth pursuing. Then edit first of a batch, sync the settings with others in the same batch, do a second pass cull, and tweak those to taste individually. Take them into Photoshop where required, then back to Lightroom to finish off, make them all look like a set and export. I consider a batch to be where the lighting doesn’t really change, where they’re shot from the same location and same people (more or less) in all shots.

It sounds as if you are quite expert with Lightroom and I understand what you mean about sets of images.

I used to shoot concerts and regularly shot in excess of 1000 shots per show. I aimed for a hit rate of 10% for my clients, and 2-3 really great shots for my own personal challenge.

So you are a pro shooter? I think a 10% hit rate is pretty good.

10% was a personally set target that my clients got used to. Concerts was a hobby that I got paid for, by venues and theatre production companies. I really enjoyed the shows, but I did get tired of the volume of editing. Now I work full time as a photographer, I really don’t want my spare time taken up with client work. I keep it separate and shoot what I want to shoot and edit, in low volume, in my spare time.

Great that you have managed to keep it as a hobby also, I think many people don't manage to do that.


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