Is the GFX Fuji professional services program worth it (in the US)?

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Re: Is the GFX Fuji professional services program worth it (in the US)?

RivkiLocker wrote:

Thoughts on the GFX pro services program? I am in the US so it's $499 which seems like a LOT of money for what you get. In the past I never considered it, but I just noticed that they do have a $599 option which adds a three year third party extended warranty (to cover defects up to 3 years). The three year warranty is normally sold for $299 so you are essentially only paying $300 for the pro services, instead of the usual $499... That said, I don’t know much about this service and can’t find a lot of reviews online

Anyone sign up for this? Thoughts on value? Thanks for the input.

My question would be, are the repairs handled by the same service techs who handle the non-pro repairs and is the pro service just priority handling, a discount and the like. I sort of envision master repair persons working on my stuff if I am paying $500/year.

When I got my original GFX 50s (spring 2017), the right side of all of the images were out of focus. I thought decentering was the problem so I sent in the 32-64. They put it on the "bench" and couldn't find anything wrong and sent it back. Still was oof along the right side. As I was chronicling the saga on this forum, someone suggested a tilted sensor. JK may have also suggested that but as usual, I did not understand his jargon which did not include "tilted sensor". Anyway, I sent the camera & lens back in (on their dime) and they still couldn't find the problem. They rep[laced the 32-64 with a brand new one. Back everything came to me but with the problem still intact. (Of course, I sent them images which the manager finally admitted later had not been viewed by anyone.)

So, before sending the rig back in a third time, I spoke with the manager of the service department which included repairs and we had a come to jesus conversation. On the third attempt at a repair, they claimed they could not find the issue but they agreed to send me a new camera along with the new lens they gave me on the last trip. Problem solved.

I think their "repair" department only does simple repairs or adjustments on GFX models. Anything major goes to Japan. At that time anyway. If this is still the case, then priority handling may not be very valuable.

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