Tony Northrup - The TRUTH: Hi Megapixels + BIG Prints are a WASTE?

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jay-A wrote:

gotta LOVE it when TONY uses BIG uppercase LETTERS in his CLICKBAIT TITLES.

Apart from that, what a newsflash really: you need to have megapixels to print big. Thanks Tony, wouldn't have figured this out myself.

The guy is probably monitoring is advertisement income and posting a video whenever he sees a dip in revenue. So Tony, if you're out of inspiration, what about this for tomorrow's video:

The TRUTH about COLOR images: you need to TURN black and white OFF to HAVE a COLOR image!

Brutal, but I'm afraid you do have a point.

It's a pity really. Some of Tony's commentary is reasonable and helpful, but it's all mixed up with nonsense opinion (i.e highly subjective assessments couched as fact) and clickbait (and occasional outright misinformation) which greatly diminishes the usefulness of the rest of his efforts.

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