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The “File retention” mechanism of deleted or changed files a cloud service delivers alone (not mentioning the uptime and quality of their service compared to a 200$ NAS in a closet) makes it an instant winner for me.

The file retention of deleted and changed files exists in the backup applications of the NAS to another NAS or a usb HDD and one can tailor it to its needs. It is not a privilege of cloud

True - if you make backups instead af Sync’s.

But Backup’s have a whole lot of other problems associated with them - fx:  It’s impossible to estimate space requirements, you buy a lot of diskspace to keep perhaps several copies of data that really was intended to be deleted. Also - it can at times be very difficult to do complete restores without getting old and previously deleted data back, which you then need to sort through and delete again.

Using Sync’s for copies are just much easier to understand and estimate space usage on. But Sync’s are not a backup, so that’s why we do a week or two worth of snapshots locally, and need 90 or 180 days worth of file retention on our Cloudservice. The trick here is that:

1: Snapshots can use shared space and are dynamic (as opposed to backups that need dedicated and atomic - its own - storage)

2: None of the cloud services I have been using calculates the space used for file version retention against your storage quota, so you do not pay for the variable space needs the “backup” part requires.

This removes the whole Space usage/estimate problem.

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