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Re: Storage Solution for Large Photo Collection

NilsDecker wrote:

Yes, right at start it looks a little daunting, but it’s not that bad once you get a few pointers. Hopefully these will help:

Wow, amazing! It did/ does help a LOT!

Glad to help

I have 4x4tb. Would you recommend RAID 5 or 6 in that case? 4TB IronWolf 5900 rpm SATA III 3.5" Internal NAS to be precise which seems to be what you recommend in your next comment?

Excellent drives

It depends on your backup strategy. If you plan to do as I, with a daily updateing Cloud Copy and a local USB drive copy once in a while (i do it on a monthly basis) - combined with your current year or month or whatever located on your PC’s local disk (and synced to the NAS), then I would have no problems going with Raid 5 for the added space it gives me. Raid 5 does introduce an additional risk (I know, it’s a fairly remote risk), but with a backup strategy like mine there is no problems taking that risk.

If you ONLY intend to do one backup copy (to Cloud or a USB disk) and not have the latest images on your PC as well, I would strongly recommend going with Raid 6 instead.

I'm still in "play mode" so the way I had it set up was: 4x4tb in RAID 5, giving me 10.9tb usable storage and I created a volume of 10tb on it. I reserved some space for system applications etc.

Based on your recommendation, I now shrunk the actual volume to 7.9tb and allocated "guaranteed snapshot space" of 5%. Is that too low? I found somewhere in the documentation that the default is 20%.

The snapshotting mechanism on EXT4 (QNAPs internal Filesystem) is not particularly space efficient, so I seriously doubt 5% will cut it for you unless you only intend to keep 3-7 days worth of snapshots. It all really depends on how much you change data and so on, but since your QNAP will also have some of it’s data on the volume being snapshotted, there is a noticable changerate in data - causing the snapshots to take up more space than expected. I have setup a reservation for 10% and that should be a much better target for you.

But really, the best solution in my opinion is to use a Thin Volume and create a 10% snapshot space reservation. That way the snapshopts can use up whatever space is not allocated by the the volume if you have periods of very high data changerate (deletions, overwrites, moves and so on).

By your numbers a 10.9Tb Usable storagepool could be sliced up in:

1: Lets say the system reserves 300Gb - that leaves 10.6Tb
2: 10% guaranteed snapshot space would then allocate 1.1Tb which leaves 9.5Tb
3: Create a thin volume of 9.2Tb (that way there’s a little leftover for eventualities and miscalculation.

Hope that makes sense.

I will look into all of that once I feel I've found the right setup of RAID/ thick vs. thin/ etc.

Thanks a MILLION, I really really appreciate it! 100x better than watching YT tutorials and reading manufacturer documentation.

Thanks a lot

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