What has been your favorite airshow body/lens combo ?

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Re: What has been your favorite airshow body/lens combo ?

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K-Dub wrote:

I now use the Panny FZ2000, and previously the FZ200. I think both work well for airshows, but the FZ2000 is better even with less optical zoom. See my gallery for samples from the past year or so. I really like the FZ2000 with the built-in ND filters, particularly for propeller planes. I can use a slower shutter speed for prop blur, but use the ND filters to reduce the extra light from the slower shutter. With either camera, I've had good luck with autofocus. Any issues are usually from my panning technique, but not from the camera.

I can't give a recommendation for a body/lens combo, but a 100-400mm zoom lens would be good. A wide angle/shorter zoom lens for statics would be good, if you're interested in those.

Wow! Are ALL of the pics in your gallery with the FZ2000?


Hi Jim. Yes, all them are from my FZ2000. I started using it in October 2018. I have a bunch from my old FZ200, but they're not in my gallery.

Oh, I think that I have an old FZ200 too, somewhere (seriously :)!).

I've thought about taking it out on some outings (because of the f/2.8 and the long zoom), but I keep ending up taking something else nowadays (because of the small sensor and the 12Mpixel).

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