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Dave7878 wrote:

I have mostly taken pictures of landscapes and my kids playing sports, but would like to get into wildlife. I am using a D7500 and the longest lens I have is the Sigma 100-400C. A lot of the wildlife around me are smaller birds so I was considering purchasing a Nikon 200-500 or a Sigma 150-600 for the extra reach. I will most likely be cropping most of my shots. Do you think it makes sense to purchase a longer lens for wildlife and if so, which lens do you think would be better.

I've been in your place for quite some time. Had a Sigma 100-400, which is a great lens but as you say, too short. Extensively researched and tested several longer lenses. Bought a Nikon 200-500. Loved it for its extremely good sharpness in the center, which gave me better cropped shots than a Sigma 150-600C or a Tamron 150-600 (G1 or G2) did. Hated the Nikon's weight since hand-holding it for any extensive period is tough. Sold it and bought a Nikon 500 PF, which I love but is another level of commitment financially.

I assume you don't want to spend that much. In that case, the Sigma 150-600 Sport (not Contemporary!), Nikon 200-500, and Sigma 60-600, and Tamron 150-600 G2 are the only lenses I would consider. The order listed reflects the image sharpness as I see it. The first three are heavy, with the Nikon being the lightest in this group. The Tamron is easier to carry and not too bad IQ-wise, though not quite in the same league.

600mm vs 500mm matters quite a bit, but the Nikon's center sharpness is so good that it makes up for that. As I see it, your choice therefore comes down to how frequently you move the lens around. If you shoot a lot from a tripod/gimbal, or if you love weight lifting, go for one of the heavier lenses. If you hike a lot, get the Tamron.

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