Review: landscape, cityscapes, travel

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RichyjV Senior Member • Posts: 1,105
Review: landscape, cityscapes, travel

Wanted to put up a Z7 review after using it for a few months.

Coming from a D800E, it's a huge step up for what I shoot, simple as that.

What I like:

  • IQ is outstanding (as expected) including with kit lens
  • IQ through FTZ is also outstanding, my Zeiss primes and Sigma Arts shine on the Z7
  • With the kit 24-70f4 its a really superb travel camera, the IQ, size, and the stabelisation all work together really well
  • The EVF is an absolute pleasure to use and when assigning a button to toggle 200% zoom and with focus peaking on low, my manual focus lenses are just vastly easier to use than on my D800E - using my Zeiss 135 F2 APO more and more to shoot my kids running around, and being able to see the plane of focus more easily on a tilt and shift also a major plus
  • The non continuous autofocus is excellent for landscape and travel
  • Continuous AF needs learning time, its strong once I worked out how to make it work for me, but needed that time to get the results going
  • Eye AF is something I turn on just occasionally with my kids, works pretty well, not something that features that heavily in my shooting
  • Snapbridge is finally decent, I find that taking RAW + basic small jpeg then download the full size small jpegs to be the best way to get good images onto my phone quickly, the 2mp alternative just not good enough quality to be worth using for me

What could be better:

  • I'm indifferent about the single memory card. Although I had 2 slots on my D800E I very very rarely shot something where I duplicated content onto both
  • Battery life is quite good, a full charge does a couple of days of heavy shooting the way I shoot, down somewhat from my D800E but I've not managed to eat up a whole battery in a day - I have a backup which I've charged, carried with me occasionally, and never used
  • Action AF is good, its not what this camera is really for. It isn't as good as the best alternatives either from Nikon or other brands, so if you were buying for action you might not go Z7, but its still much better than anything on the market a few years back so hardly 'bad'
  • Pricing of S lenses, other than the superb price for the kit 24-70f4. The lenses are basically really good, but they've been priced a little high. This doesn't mean they aren't worth the cost, but for example the 14-30f4 at 70% of its listed price would have been almost an auto-buy for me, instead it isn't, and I think Nikon would have been better off pricing there and getting users a little more committed to their ecosystem

It should be evident from the things I've described that this camera fits my use of landscapes, cities, and travel very very well, hence the rating. These aren't the areas which the weaker points of the camera especially impact.

Nikon Z7
46 megapixels • 3.2 screen • Full frame sensor
Announced: Aug 23, 2018
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