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Re: Wildlife photography

Dave7878 wrote:

I had thought about a P900 but I thought that I read the image quality is not as good as a DSLR.

It is only a 1/2.3" sensor so it is indeed not as good, (especially in lower light), and its AF is slower.

But it cost a lot of money to even get to 400-500mm with FF/DX/APS-C.

And it is impossible to get to 2000-3000mm (w/out severe cropping in time-consuming PP).

So considering you can GET a 2000-3000mm-EFL image, I suggest its iQ is better than higher IQ on an impossible image.

Go to the Nikon Coolpix forum and get other opinions.  It is indeed NOT a "great" camera, but it is "unique" at what it does.

A compromise could also be the RX10-IV, it has a 600mm-EFL @ f/4 and VERY FAST AF, ("C"-AF @ 25fps).  Its 1"-type sensor is 4X larger than the 1/2.3".

For the best "value" ... there is the FZ-1000 w/ 25-400mm-EFL @ f/2.8-4.  It can have digital-zoom to 3200mm, (but much lower resolution) .... BUT ... the best VALUE @ < $500.

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