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John Gellings wrote:

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John Gellings wrote:

Mr Marco wrote:

What would you like to see in the successor of the G1X Mark III? And when do you think it will be announced?

Personally I would like waterproofing, 4K and a faster lens.

For me, the faster lens is extremely important. The fact that it is a 5.6 lens at 50mm negates the APSC sensor for me... I like to photograph in all types of light and I tend to use lenses in the 50-75mm range. Other than that, I would like to see it changed to a G5X II type of shape and increase the zoom to 100mm. Basically a larger G5X II with an APSC sensor would be fantastic for me.

So you want a faster lens, longer focal range zoom, still APS-C size sensor, and still maintaining the small size, close to the G5X Mark II?
Dream on. The physics is not on your side

Hmmm, I did say a LARGER G5X II... just like the G1X III is a larger G5X (original)...

The photos below show it isn't as much of a stretch as you think... if they could do it with those models, they can do it with the soap bar shape too. AND I'm ok with it being larger than the difference below.


These cameras only keep close to each other’s sizes because the aps-c sensor of the g1x m3 was paired with a lens with half the reach and much slower overall speed.  What you’re asking for in terms of speed, reach and size is a dream we all want

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