Does anyone here have experience using FITS files?

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Re: Does anyone here have experience using FITS files?

joe173 wrote:

That file format would not be appropriate for digital cameras, too many data fields that would never be used. It is for equipment that has not the engineering constraints (space, array size, etc) that small cameras have. In ten years, JPG will still be the dominant file format because it is backward compatible with most software programs and because it is "good enough" for most people and anybody can read those files. Change would require all of that old software to be updated. All web hosting companies, all graphics software companies, all camera processing companies would have to redesign their software for a new format not to mention hardware, chips, etc. As data size creeps up, file compression is more necessary. Google's JPEG Guetzli encoder is an example. The future is in better file compression using the existing format containers.

Now for new technologies which may or may not take over, light field cameras are one such item, there would need a new file standard.

Thanks for the reply Joe. I had never heard of Google's JPEG Guetzli encoder. There are so many of those jpeg encoders out there these days. Maybe Google's version will eventually work better than others, like libjpeg-turbo, mozJPEG and WebP. By now I would guess that compressor should be pretty well worked up to a good version. I wonder how much better it is at making good quality, large jpegs, that are compressed to a size under 1 MB, when compared to something like Preview, RAWtherapee, Aperture, Lightroom, Photoshop, or GIMP. I also wonder how compatible the jpegs really are with older software, like my version of Firefox. (I can't install newer versions, because my OS is too old to run them now.)

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