Nikon D850 number of pictures per foldter is - random

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Nikon D850 number of pictures per foldter is - random

Hello colleagues,

I use a Nikon D850 for an aerial survey which I purchased a few months ago. The camera has two card slots, SD and XQD. The camera was set to overfill and the SD slot to be primary.

Recently after the aircraft landed, I noticed to my horror that instead of having multiple folders of 5000 pictures each, the folder numbers are random.

Attached is a list of the folders and the respected number of pictures in both cards from that survey. Typically if there are 5000 pictures per folder, then there are fewer folders.

As can be seen in the table above, the number of images in each folder seems random instead of being 5000.

Perhaps proof that it is not an issue with the SD card alone is also weird XQD behavior:

1. The QXD card is also showing a similar behavior: there should be 5000 pictures in the first folder, and the next folder some number of images based on the remaining space in the card.

2. Based on my previous experience, the folder naming in the XQD should be increasing 129D850, and 130D850 and not 129D850 and 115D850. And at the moment I have conflicting evidence regarding the correct capturing order.

While I am still investigating this, inconsistent imaging order makes geotagging a challenge, as well I am worried about possible missing files.

At the moment, I am unaware that I have done anything wrong with the camera settings. Has anyone else experienced something like this before? Or have ideas on how to get to the bottom of this?

I have not found any corrupted files, but it seems I might be missing 404 pictures.


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