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Re: DIGIC8 is multicore?

IR1234 wrote:

BirdShooter7 wrote:

That’s not what I was saying. What I am asking is if there is a single core that does the job just as well as two less powerful ones does it really matter to the end user?

Are you suggesting that the only possible way to do what you want is to have two cores?

I'm saying two cores does the job better.

Better in what way? Anyway, you don’t know how many ”cores” the DIGIC8 in the 90D contains. DIGICs are ASICs and most of the heaviest lifting is done by signal processing units for which the concept of ”core” may not even make sense. There could be hundreds of ”cores” in a single DIGIC.

A single dual-core processor has, in general, more performance than two equivalent single-core processors due to shared cache and physical proximity (electric signals travel fast but not fast enough!) Given that the trend is toward ever more tightly integrated system-on-a-chip designs, I wouldn’t be surprised if all future Canon cameras had a ”single DIGIC” architecture. Of course, ”dual DIGIC” is good marketing because of the ”two must be better than one, right?” people…

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