Kenko tubes fail with flashes

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Kenko tubes fail with flashes

Hello everyone,

As you mist know, no macro lens is scheduled yet on the Z-mount lens roadmap. Unfortunately.

Granted, we still have the excellent 105/2.8 and 60/2.8 F-mount, right?

Right. Except that, if you want to go a bit beyond 1:1, you have to use extension tubes, most likely the Kenko ones, as they have always worked flawlessly on your D850. Right?

Right. Except that, when you want to go macro with extension tubes, you will most likely need some artificial lighting for your small subject, right?

Right. So, today I tested the Z7 with the 105/2.8 and a variety of Kenko tubes on the FTZ adapter, alone or in combination. The lighting was provided by two cobra flashes, one Phottix Mitros Plus and one Nikon SB-901, both set and triggered remotely via a Phottix Odin II transmitter (the SB-901 sitting on an Odin II receiver, the Mitros+ doesn't need one as it is built in) and both plugged into a fully charged Indra500 battery.

For single shots, or any shots triggered via the shutter release on the camera, or a wired or radio remote, no problem. However, when I tried to do focus stacking, both flashes remained obstinately dead. Rebooting the camera and/or the flashes and/or the Odins did not change anything.

As soon as I took off the Kenko ring (or rings) that was (were) being used, problem gone: the flashes blitzed away happily at each exposure.

Therefore, I have to conclude that there is something inherent to the Kenko extension tubes that prevents the camera from sending triggering orders to the flashes whenever the Focus Shift Shooting function is activated. Unless it's something to do with the FTZ adapter AND the Kenko tubes when they are used in conjunction.

I also have the two Fotodiox Pro tubes for Z mount and I haven't encountered the same problem, but of course the ratios you can obtain with those tubes on a non-macro lens cannot be compared. And the lack of a macro lens in the Z lineup for the foreseeable future doesn't give me much hope, short or mid term.

Nikon D850 Nikon Z7
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