Daido Moriyama - How I Take Photographs

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Re: Daido Moriyama - How I Take Photographs

Great comment. That will teach him a thing or two. You forgot to insult him though. Like calling him idiot, unobservant, nothing to say, guessing, uncreative, gearhead. Oh wait – you called him a schmuck here, instead.

This arrogant review is what's wrong with the internet in general. You have this

Arrogant? This would be funny if it wasn't so ironic.

Everything that's wrong with the internet? No Mike, this is everything that is wrong with you. The whole internet cannot be wrong. Or do you really mean the whole world?

schmuck who apparently knows nothing about Moriyama, his books, his methods or even street photography.

Get over it. As they say. It's not as if he's writing for national newspaper.

I encourage you to leave a comment under his article so complete BS pieces like this are no longer published. Opinion is one thing but lack of accuracy and facts is something completely different. Photography has taken it on the chin these past 8 years and it's time to right the ship.

I'm guessing (again) and hoping that its not going to be you captaining the ship, in this case. Not that there is a case.

Anyway, I left a comment effectively signing your comment for you on the blog and called him an idiot on your behalf. No need to hide under the anonymity of the 'streetshooter' alias when you have so much to tell everyone. No need to thank me either.


Simon Lucas. (Idiot, uniformed, unobservant, nothing to say, uncreative, wrong, faux-tographer, gear-owning, can't-even-take-a-real-photograph, Ricoh forum member. And part-time moron.)

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