Storage Solution for Large Photo Collection

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One caveat...

DerKeyser wrote:

1: It does Raid 6, so it can handle two drive failures in a set (fx 6x8Tb drives = 32Tb Usable space).

Many people with knowledge about RAID systems appear to advise against using more than 5 x 3TB drives in a RAID array. The rationale is that when a disk goes bad with larger arrays, during the repair cycle the stress on the other drives (which have the same age as the faulty one) is such that one or more are likely to fail as well.

I do have a few Synology NASes myself where one is at my daughters house in another city. We do both nightly automated backups to each other. In the long run this is much cheaper than a paid cloud service, especially with a large photo collection.

With Synology (do not know about QNap) the source of the backup must be on the internal drives, but the remote target can be a USB external drive attached to the remote Synology. So the Synology at my daughters house is a relatively cheap one-disk Synology with a large USB disk attached which holds a copy of my photo collection.

Another advantage of this strategy is that, if disaster strikes and I need the backup, I just drive to my daughters house and have all the images on a USB drive that I can plug directly into my computer. No need to slowly copy everything through the Internet.

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