Two completely different conclusions about Megapixels amount:

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Two completely different conclusions about Megapixels amount:

more is better

NaH, 12Mp is enough

ok you may laugh and say you find the worst ones out there. fine.

It are two completely different views on the subject which is why i choose those two.

The point is nearly every thread about need of more or why not more is diving in to the abis hacking each others troths. So please don't start that. I think it's more about the non pro's who like to have a futureproof image and print say A4/A3 for showing on the wall. and maybe A1 or geesh my wife shoot me when i nail it on the wall: A0

More is better: as in ideal world yes i think so. you can't multiply pixels in about ten years without  punishment if you want so the more you start with the better it is in the future. (i have 3.5Mp photo's who i liked to have on 12Mp) on FHDtv they look a bit dull, not sharp. on normal paper fine.)

non ideal world you bumping to limitations of the sensors manufacturer.

i am not skilled to understand all the techtalk but cramping 24Mp in the same place as 12Mp does need some extra before its only double the pixels without drawbacks.

So without starting a new war, what would be a ideal amount of Mp as in balance of pixelsize on the m43 sensor and image quality, Signal to noise ratio, dynamic Range, ....

When is enough enough? (if you don't need 3meter by 2meter prints) say max A0 1181x841mm. Which is in your house quite "present". mine atleast

my guess is 24-32Mp on a m43 is as many as you can cramp in to without getting to the roof of costs.

big difference between 16 and 20? most people who upgraded say yes.

So what would be the sweetspot for m43?

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