Storage Solution for Large Photo Collection

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Re: Storage Solution for Large Photo Collection

BillyBobSenna wrote:

Richard James wrote:

Personally I would keep drive pairs (master and backup) all on separate devices, not shared devices.

Not sure what you mean here. Not use a Drobo? Why? If 1 drive in the Drobo goes bad, all data is still ok.

The "brand" does not matter. The point of a backup is at least 2 copies (preferably 3) on independent devices. 1 internal drive + 1 ext drive gives you 2 independent copies. Does not matter if it is a RAID based device or not.

RAID by itself is not 2 independent devices... if the whole system is inoperable.... you may be SOL.

My personal preference is to not put all my files on very large drives... if it goes, more is at risk, despite backups.

. I was hoping to have an external array device that appeared as 1 volume and was easier to expand as my collection grows.

If you do that you will have to go through your catalog and reset LR's drive pointers...folder by folder.

How long will it take you to go through your LR catalog folder by folder to reassign the drive letters from F, G, H, etc., to "X"?

Thanks for the feedback Richard. Do you have any drive recommendations?

Most of my HD's are WD, I have a few Segates. Also had Toshiba, Hitachi and IBM in the past. SSD's Samsung and Intel.

I've had a couple of failures (warranty replaced).


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