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Re: Storage Solution for Large Photo Collection

BillyBobSenna wrote:

Does anyone have a good storage recommendation for a large photo collection?

I have a higher end PC with a Lightroom catalog of about 700,000 photos spread across 5 internal hard drives. In addition, I have a Drobo 5C that serves as my backup for the 5 internal drives. I have no offsite backup.

I was thinking of moving my Lightroom catalog from the 5 internal drives to an external system and continuing to use the Drobo as a backup. I was hoping to have an external array device that appeared as 1 volume and was easier to expand as my collection grows.

Any recommendations?

Why complicate matters so much with drives all over the place?

Get a QNAP NAS as your primary storage. The list of advantages is just huge:

1: It does Raid 6, so it can handle two drive failures in a set (fx 6x8Tb drives = 32Tb Usable space).

2: It’s always on and allows access to your images from all devices including your phone, Ipad and so on.

3: It can run a nigthly backup job that Syncs (and encrypts) your images to a cloud service

4: It has a frontmount USB port and “one button backup” backup, that allows easy attachment of a USB disk for manual backups by just the push of a button.

5: It does internal snapshotting of its diskspace. So any disasters to data on the NAS (Ransomware fx), can be protected against and rolled back by a single snapshot restore.

My lightroom catalog is placed locally on SSD, my current working year is placed locally on HDD but has a SYNC job running that copies all images to the NAS automatically. All older images (25K+) are on the NAS only.

No more drives all over the place, a much much much much much better backup solution that runs completely automatic every night. On top of that there is the second manual backup copy to a USB drive I have.

Yes I know, it sounds complicated and “dangerous” with cloud sync. But it’s not. It’s simple to setup, WAY WAY better reliability, protection and backup, and all cloud data is encrypted (client side) so it’s just garbage to anyone but you.

I even wrote a little blog on the advantages of using a NAS in this scenario:

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