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skanter wrote:

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skanter wrote:

Thanks, Don. I am very proud, not only of his academic achievments, but his social consciousness as well. He just spent two years in Sitka, Alaska in Americorps service working with disadvantaged kids in a middle school there. He also spent a very difficult three weeks in the Alaskan wilderness for an environmental project. He loves the outdoors (a NYC kid) , and just hiked the famous and treacherous 35-mile Chilkoot Trail - solo, an undertaking that had his parents anxious as he was off the grid for four days, amidst danger of avalanche, unpredictable weather - and grizzly bears! This was a historic trek for prospectors in the Klondike gold rush. This guy documented it:

I watched the link with interest. Solo is a little risky unless there are others about, and that seems the case here.

Yes, we were not happy he was going solo like Greg Aiello, but it was warmer when he went, later in the season, the beginning of July, so less danger of freezing. Also, there were others out on the trail in case of emergency. That said, I was somewhat anxious the four days he was out there. But parenting is a continual process of letting go, and we are still learning.

Our older kids do what they want for the most part, and we just become

Not always! He also loves Rugby, with various injuries including concussion.

Get him to join the rowing club Sam, he could make it to Henley

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