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Re: infrared have done with D200, D810 and D750

My first was with a D200 and it was pitiful becuse the window is so small!!!

My next with the D810 (or was it a D800?  Cant recall) I just felt that it was too much of an expense to tie up with infra red.  so, I had it reversed and sold the camera.

Now, I use a converted D750 and absolutely love it!!!

I need to mention before I forget...  If you do not yet have a camera for conversion buy a GRAY MARKET camera because once you modify the camera your Nikon waranty is no longer \valid so you might as well save some money and buy a camera where yo u do not get a Nikon USA warranty.  I have had NO PROBLEMS with my gray market purchase for Infrared conversion.

I like the 24mp versions of cameras mainly because the ones like the D850 create such large files. (I do have a D850 but find my self using my "normal" D750 the most.)

If that is confusing, I apologize.  I had a normal D750,  a Infrared D750 and a normal D850.

I used Life Pixel for my conversions and am happy with them.  I  can also recommend that you try an Infrared workshop.  I attended one offered by New Life Photosheld down in Swan Quarter North Carolina and was VERY SATISFIED.    LifePixel also offers workshops but I have no experience with that part of their business.

Best of luck!

Let us know how you make out and good luck.


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