Mixed feelings about G9

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Mixed feelings about G9

I have had a G9 for a few months and about 10,000 frames.  I feel like I know the camera pretty well.  I hike, mountain climb, kayak, and take lots of social/family pictures.

Things I love:

  • feel in the hand
  • external controls that can be identified by touch
  • weather sealing
  • image stabilization
  • size
  • viewfinder
  • responsiveness
  • USB charging (for both time lapse and long trips in the back country)
  • fast compact primes in the m43 system

Honestly the biggest plus for my particular use is how easy the camera is to adjust while keeping it up to my eye.  I have 20/20 vision far away, but my near vision is so bad that screen menus are just a blur unless I have my reading glasses on.  I love setting the diopter up and then being able to view the menus through the viewfinder and I love having so much relevant information in the viewfinder.

Things I am generally satisfied with:

  • Image quality at low iso.  At any given iso, It is not as good as my APS-C Nikon, but it is close enough that it usually doesn't matter.  For static subjects, it is as good as my Nikon, as I can get adequate depth of field at wider apertures, and the image stabilization is AWESOME.
  • image quality near dawn and dusk with static subjects (same reasons as above
  • Focus works well and continues to work as light drops (even the star focus works for me)

Things I am not satisfied with

  • Even at base iso, the RAW files are not nearly as malleable as my Nikon when there is a lot of contrast (think snow and dark rocks
  • I can compensate for DR limitations with static subjects by bracketing (and sometimes merging HDRs), but I am pretty stuck when a subject is moving (think fox running through snow)
  • Hot pixels on long exposures
  • Once the light really drops, the iso 1600 that looked good with 1/60th of a second shutter becomes a bit of mush with a 30 second shutter (on a tripod)

Is anyone making their m43 cameras work well in the conditions where my G9 and I are struggling?  What are your work arounds?  I am seriously thinking of selling my kit and getting a used sony or nikon full frame mirrorless.  If I am going to, I want to sell the G9 before values drop any more.  I don't need the speed of the G-9, but damn I would miss the user interface.

Panasonic Lumix DC-G9
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