Olympus OI.Share making connection to camera

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Olympus OI.Share making connection to camera

Am I doing something wrong? From time to time I want to use the Android Olympus OI.Share on my phone to download one or two photos from my PEN-F or E-M10II. I have been using the app occasionally for the last 9 months or so. By the way, I am using the latest camera firmware and the latest version of the app. After the initial setup -- that you just have to do one time (set up password, etc.) -- then after that each time you want to use the app you have to do the following steps:

1. In the camera menu navigate to Playback Menu -> Connection to Smartphone and press the OK button. This starts up wi-fi on the camera.

2. On the phone start the Olympus OI.Share app.

3. Select Import Photos.

4. Then I always get this pop up message despite the camera wi-fi having already started.

5. I then have to touch Wi-Fi Setting and it then opens up the Android wi-fi window that shows all the wi-fi signals. My PEN-F is shown and I have to manually select it in order to do the connection. Why did the app say it cannot find it? Why didn't it connect automatically?

6. Then I have to go back to the Olympus OI.Share app and once again touch Import Photos. This time thumbnails of jpeg photos on the camera start appearing and I can continue as expected. I can transfer a photo directly to gmail, Facebook, etc. or I can copy it to my phone.

By the way, I have tried the above in 2 scenarios:

1. My phone is not connected to any other wi-fi.

2. My phone is already connected to some other wi-fi (for example, at home).

The app behaves the same in both cases. If I am not already connected to some other wi-fi why doesn't the app and phone automatically connect to the camera? It has been manually connected many times before, but each time I must manually do it again. Contrast that with how the phone wi-fi works normally. When I am at home my phone automatically reconnects to my home wi-fi. When I go to a coffee shop, hotel, etc. that I have been before and used their wi-fi it automatically connects again. I don't have to each time manually do the connection.

And is there anyway to turn the camera wi-fi on without digging down into the menu? Sure, when I am sitting in a chair somewhere it isn't such a big deal, but just like with a photo taken on my smartphone I usually want to do something with a camera photo immediately while I am outside, standing, maybe in the sun, wind, a crowd, etc. With the camera it is very cumbersome already to have both the camera and phone in hand, fool with things on both, digging in the menu on the camera, then having each time to manually connect the wi-fi on the phone. It would be so much easier and quicker for there to be a way to easily (maybe in the SCP) turn on the wi-fi and then the app and phone automatically connect to the camera.

Have I just missed something? Is there an easier way that I have overlooked? Is there some reason I have to manually connect the wi-fi every time?

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Henry Richardson

Olympus OM-D E-M10 II Olympus PEN-F
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