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Re: 700,000? How many giga-bytes?

Carey Brown wrote:

BillyBobSenna wrote:

Does anyone have a good storage recommendation for a large photo collection?

I have a higher end PC with a Lightroom catalog of about 700,000 photos spread across 5 internal hard drives. In addition, I have a Drobo 5C that serves as my backup for the 5 internal drives. I have no offsite backup.

I was thinking of moving my Lightroom catalog from the 5 internal drives to an external system and continuing to use the Drobo as a backup. I was hoping to have an external array device that appeared as 1 volume and was easier to expand as my collection grows.

Any recommendations?

700,000 photos is a heck of a lot of photos? Are you a professional?

You might want to do some ruthless culling to get that to a more manageable size.

How many giga-bytes of storage does it take up?

For me, I always want my entire collections of original photos and video on a single drive. Western Digital has drives all the way up to 10TB. I can't imagine your collection taking that much.

A NAS can be 'a' backup but shouldn't be treated as 'the' backup (this assumes that all of your originals are on an internal drive). A power surge or fire could take out the entire unit. Additionally, if you have an 'oops' and accidentally delete a file, that deletion will probably be duplicated leaving you with no recoverable copy. It doesn't address the need for an off-site backup.

Does your Windows version support RAID-10?,36783.html

Linux has LVM to present multiple drives as a single mount point.

With photos spread over 5 drives, it might be easier to buy external NAS and copy everything, or as Carey suggested, buy some 10TB drives.

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