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Re: Live view focus 80 D

sjs9828 wrote:

Reading, including the manual, about how the 80 d focuses in live view and why to use it.

Manual focusing, instead of auto focusing, seems to be the recommended way for people that are using live view to get sharp photos.

The manual says that live view will focus by using the normal focus points if the shutter is pressed half way (or BBF does the same as I've been messing with it).

I assume that this will give the same degree of focus as using the view findner and be effected by MFA settings.

The second way to focus is to touch the screen on the desired subject. I assume that this uses contrast, separately from the normal focus points, to focus and would not be effected by MFA settings.

Am I thinking correctly?

Also, I do not seem to be able to zoom and touch screen for focus. I can zoom but it won't touch screen focus. I have the correct choice of the shutter being choosen (per the manual).

Also, when I change to focusing by a button it automatically goes out of zoom.

So, cnn I zoom in and then focus while keeping the zoom so i can see how well focused that I am?

Generally, when I shoot from a tripod, I use manual focus in live view. For critical focus for macro / close up, I magnify the image in live view focusing manually.

I'm not sure I understand your question about zooming and then trying to touch the screen to move the focus point. If you're zooming in to manually focus, the focus point is irrelevant because you're not using it. If you're using auto focus in live view, there's no reason to zoom in.

Also, AFMA only affects view finder focusing. A good way to see if your lens needs adjusted is to set up on a tripod, take 1 picture with live view, take the same picture through the view finder and see if they're the same. If the image shot through the view finder isn't as sharp as the live view image, AFMA can help improve it.

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