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Chris Dubea
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Capture One

Greetings all,

I'm a fairly recent (2-3 months) convert from LR to Capture One (C1). Was never a particular fan of LR as it seemed to consume a lot of time that I simply preferred to spend making images rather than futzing with them.

The introduction of the Fuji Express version of Capture One was a very effective sales technique on Phase One's part because I was sold on the elegance of C1 at literally the first usage.  The quality of the finished products and the relative ease in getting there were amazing.

Consequently, I bought the full version a couple of months ago and have been piddling a bit, going through the Learning Hub and just really liking C1 more and more at each step. The one thing that people complain about C1 for, the DAM, is the thing I like the most.  The DAM in C1 is a helpful tool rather than the raison d'etre that the DAM in LR seems to be. Just enough functionality to be useful, but not too much to become a rabbit's hole.

What I'm looking for though is a forum to discuss C1 usage and application in a fairly detailed way.

There are the odd bits and pieces here regarding C1, and those have been most helpful.  The  C1 forum on Phase One's website is, to be kind, useless. It mostly seems aimed at a quasi-support forum albeit without Phase One involvement as they don't support the forum in any way.

I've done a bit of spelunking around the interwebs and not found anything else, but does anyone know of a forum directly related to C1?


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