Comparing FF & Fuji high ISO & shadow pushing

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Comparing FF & Fuji high ISO & shadow pushing

I'm a died-in-the-wool Fuji fan, having invested more in the X system than my car so please don't take this as knocking Fuji! It is what it is & I love it!

I do mainly event photography in low light conditions and I'm fairly happy with using ISO 1,600 max with the 2.8 zooms at full bore with SS in the range 1/30- 1/125 (the OIS of my X-H1s is invaluable here - in my slightly shaky hands!).

However, I'm often pushed to more extreme low light conditions where I begin to run into problems so I thought it would be interesting to compare the low light noise performance of the X-H1 with the current crop of FF rivals (Z6 & Z7, 7III & 7RIII) on the DPR camera review website. All things being equal, the 24MP FFs should be better, having larger sensors, but by how much?

In terms of low light ISO it looks to me (& I'm no expert, so I'm seeking comments from those with more experience) that the x-H1 is around 0.5 stops worse noise-wise at say ISO 6,400 than the FFs which is not too significant.

However, there seems to be a much greater difference if you look at the 'pushability' of these cameras, where the X-H1 (the X-T2 & X-T3 would be the same or very similar) seems to be several stops worse off - maybe as much as 2-3 stops perhaps -  than the FFs and I’m guessing this is much more serious.

I'd love to hear your comments on the practical implications (if any) of these figures for very low light work.

By the way, please don't take my interpretation of the DPR data as gospel but do have a look the appropriate DPR web pages and see if you agree: I was looking at the RAW files and you’ll have to change the ISOs and cameras on the web page.

Now I’m scared & waiting for the flack(!), but if you do feel aggrieved please read the opening para again & the section in italics before shooting me down and please be patient and explain where I’ve gone wrong in my interpretation of the DPR data.



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