Ultra-wide lens for APS-C

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Re: Ultra-wide lens for APS-C

Octopuss wrote:

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Octopuss wrote:

Going full frame would be a solution if the damn cameras weren't so expensive

Not really, assuming you are OK with buying used? There are several outstanding FF cameras you can buy for only a little more $$ than the lenses you are considering. FF is no longer just for the wealthy!

That's the problem. I don't feel like buying old cameras. Of course it would get the job done, but... this must be a negative side effect of being an IT guy. I just can't be happy with 5 years or so old technology.

The 6d mkII could be viable purchase, but the few times I checked some reviews, I got the impression it wasn't particularly good camera.

There's no doubt that if you are a wide angle fan, full frame is the way to go.
I don't know what "reviews" you have read, but most 6DII owners are very satisfied. I have difficulty in telling the 6DII results from those from my 5DIV.
I have the Canon EF-S10-22 that I use on my 80D and the results are excellent. I've also tried the Sigma 8-16, and of two examples, neither were very sharp compared to the 10-22 at the same focal length.
The full frame equivalent of the 10-22 is the 16-35 f4L, which is a truly superb lens, and is my "go to" wide angle on my full frame cameras.
If you want to go even wider, there is the 14mm F2.8L, which is somewhat prone to flare, and the 8-15 f4L fisheye, which is amazing if you don't mind the distortion, but can also be "de-fished" in software.

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