EM1-Mk2 shortened battery life issue

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Re: EM1-Mk2 shortened battery life issue

Messier Object wrote:

Adrian Harris wrote:

Okay so here we go and this doesn't just apply to Olympus cameras, but my em1-mk2 is certainly the worst culprit?

Previously I have always automatically switched my M43 cameras off if there is to be a period of time between shots. However as the battery life on my em1-mk2 is normally so good, I have started to get a bit lazy recently about doing this. Which is how last weekend I ended up putting the camera back in the bag still switched on!

Over one hour later when I took it out the camera was HOT. I realised immediately what the cause was and as I hadn't taken a spare battery (I don't need one anymore most times when using the em1-mk2) I was frightened to check to see how much battery life I had left. Well fortunately it was still well over 75% which allowed me to shoot many hundreds of fireworks for the next hour.

... And the cause: -
As the camera was accidentally still switched on when in my bag and the EVF was in close proximity to the inside of the camera bag, it meant the 'auto switch-on' EVF was activated all the time the camera was in the bag, hence the battery drain and the hot camera

This leads me onto this evenings scenario and although my panasonic GX8 can also do this to a lesser extent, the em1-mk2 is far worse: When walking around looking for subjects to photograph with the camera on a strap around my neck I was holding it just in front of my slightly too large belly - and of course this triggers the EVF to be switched on. That's when it occurred to me that this could be the cause for many photographers reporting poor battery life from certain mirrorless (and hence EVF) cameras?

It is worthy of note that the Panasonic GX8 EVF needs to be really close to trigger the switch on (and it always works well and seems about right), but unfortunately the em1-mk2 is hyper sensitive and will switch the EVF on from a distance of quite a few inches away. ... and I know this because when I occasionally use the rear screen to take a shot, if anything is anywhere near the EVF (camera strap or clothing) the rear screen goes blank and I have to move the camera some distance away from me to get the rear screen to come back on - and as that is not always convenient I find it to be incredibly irritating!

PS. Is there any way to make the em1-mk2 EVF less sensitive?

Adrian, in my experience it doesn’t matter whether or not you have the EVF activated, if the camera is left ON the batteries will drain very quickly.

I discovered this when I inadvertently left the camera in a Custom mode for which I didn’t have the Sleep Timer active. I even had the rear screen closed. Without any obvious activity and both screens OFF the camera chewed through 100% of the battery in the grip and most of the battery in the body - in just 2 hours! And I found the camera was quite warm to touch. Nobody here has given me an explanation or suggestion as to what the camera is doing to chew though so much battery when it sits idle with both screens off.

Wow that's a surprise and well worth knowing!

I recommend a short Sleep Time setting


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