First attempts using Tilt shift lens - Loving it!

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Re: First attempts using Tilt shift lens - Loving it!

The first image with the flowers seems like the type of image that would benefit from the use of tilt. I have never used a tilt and shift lens but I have used a variety of 4X5 cameras. So take my comments with a grain of salt. Please use a tripod and a focusing cloth and forget about the viewfinder and use the lcd screen. With view cameras, you would probably look at the flowers. They go from the foreground to two thirds into the scene. With a view camera (simplifying here), you would focus on for example the flowers in the back ground and tilt until the flowers in the foreground became in focus. If this is done correctly, you can literally see a plane of focus that goes from the flower blossoms in the near ground to the flower blossoms in the far ground and (if you have a good dark cloth), you will probably see the top of the bus and bottom row of windows in the distant building are also magically in focus even at f3.5. This represents the plane of focus at that fstop. You stop down to increase the “wedge” of the depth of field. There is no free lunch, so the tree branches in the foreground at the right as well as, the building walls in the foreground to the right and left will have to be louped, as well as the top of the church spire in the background, because those areas might be just outside of the wedge of focus. The nice thing is that Sony provides you with a wonderful loupe! Good luck with the new lens! Just in case you develop a love for all this, here is an image of my Wisner Pocket Expedition, the only camera I truly regret selling. All the best, john

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