Storage Solution for Large Photo Collection

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Re: Storage Solution for Large Photo Collection

BillyBobSenna wrote:

I have a higher end PC with a Lightroom catalog of about 700,000 photos spread across 5 internal hard drives.

I would assume that you mean the images are on 5 drives, the catalog (database) itself is on one drive.

I was thinking of moving my Lightroom catalog from the 5 internal drives to an external system

Do you need all 5 drives online for immediate access? If not then I would suggest the current and last drive  (plus their backup) be online, the rest off-line.

Remember to keep at least 2 independent, and current, copies of each drive.

and continuing to use the Drobo as a backup

Personally I would keep drive pairs (master and backup) all on separate devices, not shared devices.

. I was hoping to have an external array device that appeared as 1 volume and was easier to expand as my collection grows.

If you do that you will have to go through your catalog and reset LR's drive pointers...folder by folder.

It is a pity that Adobe still uses drive letters to identify drives rather than volume lables. I have long ago exceeded the available drive letters so my catalog has multiple drives listed together, a PITA, but manageable ("duplicate" letters are well spaced in time so unlikely to be on-line at the same time).


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