Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary Lens Sharpness Test

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Michel Jarry
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Re: Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary Lens Sharpness Test

byumpp wrote:

Tord S Eriksson wrote:

The male mallard (in eclipse) looks great! The dames have brick-colored beaks!

Other than that, as your a6000 has no IBIS, you need to use the classic formula: 1/ (focal-length x crop factor) to avoid shake being an issue, especially as you've turned the OS off.

So never over 1/1,000 sec, probably using a 1/2,000 to be on the safe side when testing the lens' sharpness.

With OS on, I'd guess 1/250 is 'safe', but don't bank on it.

A more modern camera might have helped, too, as they are getting better at getting the right focus.

Thanks Tord! I turned off the OS when camera was on a tripod (in this case on a ladder). I have read that when the camera is on a tripod, the OS should be turned off. The OS was turned off only on those brick wall shots and they were taken on AP mode with the ISO 100.

I do not claim to know how to perform sophisticated lens testing but looking at your setup, I think that you are not eliminating all potential causes for blurriness :

  • Even with a (relatively) fast shutter speed, your stepladder setup outside cannot prevent camera shake if there is even just a very mild wind or some vibrations caused by passing vehicles, especially if pixel peeping at 100%. This is why many will buy expensive carbon fibre tripods and top of the line heads.
  • Your Handheld shots cannot be considered relevant in this context.

The following shot is the sharpest I was able to achieve with my Tamron 150-600 G2 adapted to my Nikon Z7, in the following conditions:

  • Shooting in my studio ;
  • Air conditioning turned off (no air flow);
  • Carbon fiber Gitzo tripod with Arca Swiss P0 ball head;
  • Target vertically levelled with electronic level;
  • Camera perfectly levelled and aligned to center of target;
  • Cable release with Exposure Delay of 3 seconds;
  • Electronic first shutter curtain (to avoid shutter & diaphragm slaps);
  • Vibration reduction OFF;
  • Sharpest picture over three shots (they were all perfectly in focus to me) using AF-S single point on the center of the target.

I suggest that you redo your tests indoors as thoroughly as you can, over several shots, and if in doubt, return your lens for replacement or repair if too late...

Good luck,


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