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A resourceful companion

I admit that I've never been a fan of the 24-105 zoom category.  However, the RF24-105/4L in combination with the R has been a real joy to take with me just about anywhere.

It gives a surprising combination of sharpness across the frame, extraordinarily fast AF anywhere (with the help of the R), great contrast and saturation, pleasing bokeh and industry best IS.  All of this in a very robust design with a reasonable size and weight vs IQ and durability.

I am certainly no travel photographer but have enjoyed having a compact setup with me when traveling for vacation or for work. I've used this combo plenty with family and friends as well but I don't post those shots. Here are a few of my travel shots (most are best seen at original size):

NYC (day 1) -- work trip

Santa Barbara, California -- work trip

Sausalito, California -- work trip

Rome, Italy -- vacation

Paris -- vacation

Handheld while reaching high over my head because there was a crowd between me and her

Handheld while standing in the street and avoiding traffic

Not handheld but propped without a tripod

Amsterdam -- vacation

Not handheld, just propped with available items (no tripod)

Not handheld, just propped with available items (no tripod)

I like the bokeh

Maui -- vacation

No relation, just a wedding party that went to a *lot* of effort to get to the top of Haleakala in order to get special sunrise shots

The aftermath of my fall off of a Lime electric scooter in Paris.  After dusting off my bruised ego I was sure the camera and lens were both beyond repair because the front of the lens (no hood in place, but it had a protection filter) hit first with my full weight on top of it.  Tried turning it on and got an error.   Turned it off, removed the lens, replaced the lens, turned it back on and everything worked!  I had a deep ugly bruise on my hip where I landed on the camera (it was slung across my shoulder with a Peak Design slide strap). This is shown mounted on my RP but it was mounted on the R at the time of the incedent.

Anyway, I love this lens and have been officially converted to a RF24-105/4L user.  While this is far from the only RF lens I use it is nearly as good as it gets for an all purpose lens (IMO).

Canon RF 24-105mm F4L IS USM
Zoom lens • Canon RF
Announced: Sep 5, 2018
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