Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary Lens Sharpness Test

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Re: Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary Lens Sharpness Test

byumpp wrote:

I have been using the Sigma 150-600mm C (with a6000 + MC-11) for the past few days. The first day, I hated the weight and handling of it. As I use it more, I am more comfortable hand-holding it. I still feel a bigger camera body and/or monopod will help a lot. I am not planning on using a tripod since I walk/hike a lot while photographing.

Below I have included a few photos. Except the Brick Wallphotos, all photos are handheld. As you can see, I am not getting a very good result. I am not blaming the lens yet, but I would like you guys to review the photos and comment whether I have a good copy of the Sigma lens. The brick wall photos were taken using the 10 sec timer on a step ladder with a DIY bean bag. Setup shown below . I also turned off the OS on the lens, but in camera, I could not find where to turn it off. All the photos are straight out of the camera, all Jpegs.

The branches over the little birdhouse are out of focus, while the house is perfectly in focus. Smaller aperture might have helped, but the branch might be moving, so, maybe, your shutter speed wasn't enough?!

I see no issues with this shot, just boost the contrast a bit!

The male mallard (in eclipse) looks great! The dames have brick-colored beaks!

Other than that, as your a6000 has no IBIS, you need to use the classic formula: 1/ (focal-length x crop factor) to avoid shake being an issue, especially as you've turned the OS off.

So never over 1/1,000 sec, probably using a 1/2,000 to be on the safe side when testing the lens' sharpness.

With OS on, I'd guess 1/250 is 'safe', but don't bank on it.

A more modern camera might have helped, too, as they are getting better at getting the right focus.

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