Moon and its effect on Milky Way?

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Re: Moon and its effect on Milky Way?

vegetaleb wrote:

2 days ago I went to a nearby mountain to shoot the milky way as it was the first night without clouds for a while. Unfortunetly by the time I arrived the moon was starting to raise opposite side of the milky way core (that I was shooting), I used my usual ISO 800 SS 10 and 13seconds stacking, but once at home I saw in the results that the milky way was more faint than in my usual sets.

Could the moon rising behind a mountain on a far side affect the milky way in photos??

If so I will have to go back there again this weekend if the weather is as perfect as these last 2 days, no moon rise this weekend

The effect with moon can vary quite a bit: If there is full moon and the moon is close to the MW center, then it is too bright to capture any structures of the MW. If there is new moon and the moon is far from MW center then good chances one can get great exposures.
I took this
when moon was about to set. The moon was about 120 degreeto to the right, enough to illuminate the mountains and not strong enough to overecpose the MW center.
With moon, youwillhaa rwilightsituation that makes the skies naturally dark blue.
In summary:It is definitelyworth to shoot MilkyWay with moon up.

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