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Do not bring your DSLR on vacation

I know from experience that most photographers  and photography enthusiasts struggle with how much gear to bring. So from my previous 20 years of doing it every way imaginable, I'm going to give you my opinion:

Do not bring your DSLR on vacation.


1. It's too heavy. Even the lightest models are too heavy. Add lenses, and it becomes much too heavy. On vacation, weight equals stress, physical in additional to emotional. Is stress why you go on vacation?

2. No one will care about your vacation photos except you. If you're traveling alone and photography is the point, okay. But if you're not, you're being awfully presumptuous about the patience and tolerance of others as you pursue "the shot." Be a companion. Ditch the DSLR.

3. You'll see more and probably enjoy more without a DSLR. When you're traveling with a DSLR, you're always looking for the next shot and, too often, not simply looking. Interact with people, places, cultures, not cameras.

4. You'll have more fun without the camera. This is especially true if much of what I've said so far makes your instincts say "no! never!" You need a vacation--from your gear as much as from anything else.

5. Your photos aren't worth it. Carry 22 pounds of DSLR, lenses, tripod, etc., and for what? It's probably for photos that someone else has already taken--and a lot better than you, too. How about setting yourself a nice challenge, such as "take some memorable pictures of places with your iphone camera only." Now that's fun! You know all of the classic pictures that have been taken with cameras far less "powerful" than an iPhone camera? Lots. Strive for one of those. The rest of the time, put the damn phone away (in your pocket) and enjoy your vacation.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Lesson from my experience doing it every way you can imagine: My best vacations are without a DSLR. Just an iPhone, thanks. Oh, and the phone is great for lots of other travel-related stuff, too.

Happy travels.

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