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Saw this one since the day you posted it Joel, but didn't know what to say about it -- not because I thought it wasn't a good photo, in fact it's a very very good photo -- the shot sort of has me wanting for more info or better yet being one in a series of a few related shots to get a greater scope... but then some of the best images are ones that leave the viewer wanting to know more. Hell, see, I still don't know what to say so I'll just leave it at 👍👍

I did take a few other shots Martin, but the closest was the best, no surprise there.

As far as more info, you know as much as I do.

I too was not sure what to say (other than saying this is what "best" street photography is all about kind of praise - which is quite deserving) but seeing the second photo (which is about how far or close I would go) want me to add the following:

I find first photo (OP) as engaging as it is and the tenderness is beautifully rendered with low key tones yet with the details in the shadow, however, more than a bit uncomfortable to look at for long, as it seems I am intruding.

The second photo does not have the same discomfort to look at.

And I think that's why the first photo is such an example of what a street photography meant to be.

I can only admire your steely yet tender vision.


Wow, thank you. I really appreciate all the thoughtful comments!

I think that tension you describe (“discomfort”, “intruding”) is what also makes street photography so challenging and rewarding to shoot.

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