XF-10 auto focus problems - are they real?

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Re: XF-10 auto focus problems - are they real?

steppenwolfer wrote:

I am using XF-10 for some time now and I noticed that a lot of my photos are not sharp due to holding technique. Since camera does not have VF it is harder to stabilize it. In less than ideal lighting conditions camera defaults to rather low shutter speeds (in A mode) in order to keep ISO as low as possible. I set it to minimum shutter speed of 1/40 but still, sometimes it is not fast enough, since camera is light and I suspect even pressing shutter button could introduce slight movement.

Last week I shoot same object from ground up, single hand operation. Fist I left camera in A mode f4 and it set shutter of 1/40 and ISO accordingly. Photo was ok, but I could see it was not really sharp.

Since I wanted to keep f4, I put camera into M mode, set shutter to 1/100 and ISO was set accordingly. Photo taken was significantly sharper.

Unfortunately, I don't have samples to share at hand. But wanted to share my experience, that holding technique is quiet important with this camera, especially since it does not have stabilization.

I bought this camera more out of curiosity to get into Fuji system and find more about colors and film simulations. Although it is not fastest camera it somehow grew on me and I don't even consider to sell it anymore.

Thanks for these thoughts. I agree that the lack of stabilization and the lightness of the camera require different techniques. My Oly cameras and lenses, of course, never had this problem due to spot-on focus and image stabilization. Plus, the weight. But as you say, it's a good entry to the Fuji system. I am keeping mine despite the way-too-many focus confirmations that turn out to be bogus. The image quality on the keepers is great and people are right––there is something special about the Fuji images. Sure, the higher resolution and excellent sensor/lenses are a factor, but I find the realism of the images is better than any other APS-C system. Have been also trying the XT-30, and will likely purchase.

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