A6500 price down to £649 today after cashback!

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A6500 price down to £649 today after cashback!

Hi folks, long-time lurker here. I’ve always appreciated the willingness of many on here to share their knowledge and wisdom. Special tip of the hat to zackiedawg and blue_skies whose posts are unfailingly excellent.

I'm now impelled into keyboard action after noting on the CameraPriceBuster site that the A6500 body-only price for today at Amazon.uk is down to £949. Factor in the £300 Sony cashback and you have a bargain buy at £649 for such a capable camera. However, I recall some wiseguy defining a bargain as ‘something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist’.

Till now, I’ve been a quite happy A6000 shooter. The A6000 has given me great pleasure and great images, especially when I’ve paired it with the Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens. I would happily continue to use it but I’ve been caught out too often by the battery dying on me without warning. I’ve always bought OEM Sony stock, charged them carefully, yet from the start I’ve had major issues with this camera’s battery power. No problems at all with the NEX5N or its predecessors. The tips posted on this forum to tackle the problem of battery charge dropping in-camera even when stored have been tried without success. So my hope is that I’ve just been unlucky with my copy of the A6000 and that an A6400 or a A6500 would not have these battery issues.

So, now that I have convinced myself that I ‘need’ a new camera, I note with great interest the huge price drop on the A6500 at Amazon.uk, then look on this forum and see that most posts have suggested the A6400 as the better buy of the two.

However, one persistent dissenting voice is that of Advent1Sam, whose strong advocacy of the A6500 above the A6400 in a whole panoply of threads is striking, to say the least.
I know there is a point of view that says ‘wait for this supposed imminent announcement of new Sony APS-C bodies at the end of August’. Well the A6500 at £649 is what I would call ‘a bird in the hand’.

By way of comparison, the lowest price for the A6400 listed today is £869 (no Sony cashback on this model!). That’s £220 more than for the A6500 after cashback.

Cost is an issue for me, so I would be most grateful to hear anyone willing to chime in with an informed opinion, perhaps someone who has owned both and noticed significant differences between them.

What I mainly shoot: environmental portraits and people-in-action documentation; my wife runs a rural health and development centre in northern Malawi and my pictures must show how we make optimal use of donors’ cash: patients being treated at our clinic, school students we sponsor in learning situations, building activities, the situation of needy people in their homes etc.

Many of these are low-light situations with no mains electricity, sometimes solar lighting or else oil lamps, so calling for fast lenses and good high-ISO performance.

All in all, I have no pressing need for blisteringly fast AF; the greater priority would be for a durable and reliable body that can take the odd knock, given that my nearest repair facility would be several thousand miles away in Johannesburg.

Sorry for the wordy post and thanks in advance to anyone who can help me decide.

Sony a6000 Sony a6500 Sony Alpha NEX-5N
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