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I've had a Canon 550d since it came out and am currently looking to upgrade to something newer. Am I wasting my time looking at Canon (77D) or Nikon (7500D) APS-C cameras? I keep reading here about how they are abandoning the APS-C DSLR format in favor of FF mirrorless. I like the smaller, lighter cameras and lenses (not to mention I can't really afford the whole FF schema), but am a bit worried I'll be buying a system for which an updated lens will never be made.

What do you mean, "an updated lens"? Which lens are you worried about? In the Nikon world, if you get a "DX" lens (which you call "APS-C"), it will fit and work on both DX and FX ("FF in your lingo), although on FX there are some limitations on whet you see in the viewfinder. If you get an FX lens, it will work on both. There are literally hundreds of available lenses, both Nikon brand and third party.

And so far, Nikon has already released FX mirrorless cameras that work with non-mirrorless lenses with an adapter (again with some limitations), and rumors have it that they will also release DX mirrorless cameras, presumably they will keep a system that works with both FX and DX lenses.

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

so was thinking of what happens if my new camera company stops making new lenses.

When you'll sense that the and is near you can sell your gear and buy mirrorless like most other people will probably do.

Right now, DSLRs, whether FF or APS-C provide the best bang for the buck and have the greatest lens selection.

I think your best bet right now is buying a DSLR. Nikon and Canon mirrorless are immature and lack lenses. Fuji APS-C and Sony FF are better, but lenses are pretty expensive.

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