How tempting the X-H1!!!

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How tempting the X-H1!!!

to be honest I am still debating if worth remaining with Fuji for a small camera system or to jump ship, I already own the X-Pro1 which brings me very mixed feelings, as an all purpose camera with the 18-55 does it all but nothing to scream to miracle, with the little 35/1.4 is pretty amazing, same goes for the 14/2.8, very nice rendering for such a compact system, not the best for my kind of photography where I need a fast AF lock and a faster buffer clearing but it does ok and the look is just amazing.

What I don't like is how to reach exposure method, burst, ISO... thought to upgrade to an X-T2 and saw the great deal on the X-H1 with the 16-55 lens, unfortunately I am not in the US but a friend is coming end of October so I can ask him to buy for me even tho I know this deal won't last that long so I am wondering if such deals for Fuji gear are thrown once in a while with not specific cadence or if there are events making for these sales so that I could plan a buy.

Also, is the H1 an improvement over the T2? I don't care about IBIS (to me the less there is the less prone to failure)?

The offer on the H1 is great because of the lens, here in Italy a grey market T2 goes, body only, for 800 euros, I wish the offer on the H1 would last till next month so I could arrange for my friend in CO to buy it for me and then take once he comes to here...

Any idea on if this offer is gonna lats long enough or if there is any other being thrown in the near future?


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