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John P Roskos wrote:

Anyone have any experience with this outfit, they solicit photographers to join there team for video and photography, mulling it around just wondered if anyone else has heard of them or works with them.

Question: If they don't pay you, who are you going to sue?

I have not worked with this company but I don't need to because their website tells me everything I need to know... or rather nothing that I would need to know before I would consider working with a company, such as....

  • Who owns/runs the company.
  • What relevant industry experience do they have (that might lead me to believe they will be around in a years time)?
  • Where are they based, what is their address. How do I contact them when they stop replying to emails/answering the phone?
  • What/where are their terms and conditions?

Should I really have to do a whois and then a search in a states Dept of Revenue to find out who owns the company (or at least who owns the company that owns the domain)? Sure I could contact them and ask them all those questions but any company that isn't willing to put that info on their website isn't someone I would do business with. Note: Not sure what the law is in the US but in the UK the law requires that you make clear on websites and paperwork exactly who someone is doing business with.

And that is before we get to the part about them being yet another company that wants to turn photographers into a commodity. You shoot, you upload the RAW - they do the post.
On the plus side they have a 5 star Google review.... from someone who has never reviewed any other business.

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