Q2 Monochrome conversion

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Re: Q2 Monochrome conversion

Sjak wrote:

It is obvious that (approx) 1930ies technology, such as the rangefinder or the flappy mirror of SLR's, has been overtaken if we look purely at specs. However, there is a certain pleasure in using these systems, that digital counterparts do not provide (to me) In particular (D)SLRs I use mainly for nostalgic reasons (and because I usually prefer OVFs)

Besides, focus magnification/peeking etc also costs time, and EVF's, although improved through the years, can get quite noisy at times. Depending on shooting conditions, this can make the difference between the right moment, and just too late.

Regardless, you presented a fantastic image here, well done!

Thanks, and yes, fun/pleasure or art cannot be measured or quantified.

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