90D. Well that’s disappointing for us 7D2 users

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Re: Well, I Am Glad The Lines Were Not Merged

IR1234 wrote:

Rexgig0 wrote:

I will be pleasantly surprised, if/when a 7D III is officially announced. Meanwhile, my pair of 7D II cameras, plus my 5Ds R and 5D IV, are a wonderful team. I have yet to achieve each goal, on my EF L lens wish list. This is a wonderful time to be a Canon DSLR photographer.

I like how you put that "a wonderful team".

My issue isn't that the 7D2 is bad camera as it certainly isn't, we have 4 of them here and they make up the frontline cameras of the business. They are a joy to use.

But there was a lot of talk about the 80D and 7D3 coming together in the 90D, which clearly didn't happen. The 90D is a poor excuse for a 7D3 replacement if it is. So now my concern as it were is that there is no 7D3 on the horizon at this point.

And my reasoning is quite straight forward, the 7D2 is 5 years old now, it was released when the 7D was 5 years old, and 5 years really is about the maximum for a refresh. I don't mind long intervals between refreshes, but 5 years is right at the top of that delay.

From a business viewpoint, are we really going to be using 7D2s for another 5 years? Am I really going to field a 10 year old design in a few years as our frontline?

A refresh of the 7D2 would be nice. More MP for instance, touchscreen flippy screen (can't believe I'm saying that - until I bought a 6d2), updated Liveview, etc. There are many places where the 7D could be taken before DSLRs are pensioned off. A lot has happened in the last 5 years and I'd like the 7D range to be given those things.

I think pretty much all Canon users agree that a 7DIII is highly desireable, even though not all Canon users would buy such a camera. The issue is though: does Canon wánt to make a 7DIII? No one has the answer, but the shift to mirrorless and the pressure of Sony are not helping. Canon may want to put all of its efforts and resources into the RF mount. Only time can tell I guess

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