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Re: Where are the G1X III users

I will be the first one to admit that, occasionally, some 'copies' of some lenses have something off about them. It is unfortunate and, honestly, irritating, if or when that happens. But my 'copy' of the lightly used G1x Mark iii which I bought a few years ago has a lens that, for my uses, has been brilliantly sharp. More importantly, the lens has been designed with enough micro-contrast (such a strange word and an imperfectly defined concept, at the best of times) that its rendering (for want of a better word) compares favorably with some of the finer lenses and cameras I've shot with.

And, yes, that is of course merely my subjective opinion as a user.

This photo - of my motor scooter - was shot 'wide open' - at f/2.8 - with the focus on the scooter (in frame left) and not on the intentionally blurry other parts of the photograph. It's a good illustration, for me at least, of why this small (for me) camera has become one of my favorite image-making tools.

Someone mentioned that the camera was really designed by Canon more as competition to certain fixed-lens higher end APS-C offerings - Fuji's X100 series, the oh-so-cool pocketable Ricoh's, and Nikon's underrated Coolpix A immediately come to mind - and I think that analysis was spot on: for a certain kind of photographer, the G1x is nothing short of a brilliant small piece of photographic kit.

And, obviously, it doesn't - can't - and never will ... please most photographers. That's life.  But I certainly have come to value mine.

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