Editing tool for Fuji video files

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Re: Editing tool for Fuji video files

Are you ready to spend some time (many hours) watching a tutorial and learning to use a tool?

If yes, Davinci resolve is free and could do what you want real quick and easy... once you start knowing your way around. It's like using the full version of photoshop to crop images. Overkill, but it works and when you want to do more, you already have the tools.

Then, to make your video way more compact while still keeping a very acceptable quality, you should use handbrake (Resolve is very bad at exporting mp4 : the quality is atrocious). So I export high quality video out of resolve (a huge file) and then convert it efficiently with handbrake ( very small file). There's some more learning involved..., but I could give you some "preset" that works well if you start using it.

But then again, maybe you're better off with a very simple editing application. "Youcut" is popular on Android. Easy to learn. There are good ones for apple too.

EDIT: I think i misread your question. When I read "I can't edit..." I though it was because you didn't have the tools. I guess it's easy to find a tutorial on imovie and do it from there. Good luck.

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