Is there S/W to show exact focus point (active square) in images?

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Re: Try ApolloOne

Greybeard2017 wrote:

a l b e r t wrote:

Len-O wrote:

I was tracking the fast moving subjects using a 3x3 zone.

Are you not able to see the green square in the above screenshots, placed where ApolloOne reported the AF point?

...or did you mean something else by "reported focus point"?

You can check the MakerNotes > Focus Pixel. You can do this by turning on the Inspector (command-I), click the page with magnifying glass, and type "focus" in the search box. Then click the expand triangle under MakerNotes.

For Fujifilm mirrorless cameras, only one Focus Pixel is stored. For DSLRs from Canon and Nikon, you get multiple focus points when you use zone focus.

I guess Fuji only store the focus pixel with the best focus when zone focus is on.

Yes - that was my point - as far as I know you can get the focus point and the size of the focus area (single point or zone) but I don’t think you can get the exact location of that area. The AppolloOne programmers may have just approximated.

There is no information where the zone is located, only telling you it is a 3x3 zone, etc.

The AF point is not an approximation, it is the exact location as reported by the Focus Pixel, which is always the center point of the focus square.

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