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Re: Q2 Monochrome conversion

Jared Willson wrote:

Bags27 wrote:

Stunning photo and wise and judicious words.

But for my money, the most "wow" photos I've seen are not with the Q/Q2, but with the M10 (with many of its lenses) and the SL (with just about any of its lenses), and even the CL with the M 35 f/1.4 FLE. I own a Q and love it, but am rarely knocked off my feet by the photos taken by even the most talented photographers, while sometimes casual photos with the M10 and SL can take my breath away.

I have no idea why this is so, since the Q/Q2 shares so much that it important with these cameras. But there it is. Quite obviously, YMMV.

I won’t tell you you are wrong, but I will tell you not to read too much into it. At this point cameras from all manufacturers are so good (especially when you are talking about the resolutions required for images presented on the web), that almost all quality variation you see is down to the photographer, not the camera. How good was the composition? The lighting? Did the photographer capture a meaningful moment? Is the subject interesting? Were there technical errors made? What about the care and quality of the post processing? A good photographer with an iPhone will get a more impactful image then a mediocre photographer with an S007.

The other point is that the Q2 is, at it’s core, a 28mm camera. That isn’t as flexible as an interchangeable lens camera. Stay within its capabilities and it can do everything an M 10 can do, but stray outside those boundaries...

All thru except the primary reason for photography, for me at least, is not to satisfy the web presentation.  The driving force behind all manufacturers for cameras, and for that matter all human-made requirements, are not focused on what it can do but push beyond confined imagination.

A true master could shoot with an iPhone to achieve an artwork superior to most amateurs using any camera but when the masters could have a choice to create their craft they will choose what's best for them of the time, most likely not an iPhone.  Best for one photographer is not necessarily best for others, what one could do does not equal to what he must do.

A fixed lens camera such as Leica Q2 is limited to the fixed lens, some see that as a limitation and some see that as its strength, no one is wrong.

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