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Re: Love in a cardboard box

EOS GUY wrote:

Lol. I'm in the same mindset. Working in the brutaliding capitalist machine and finding it stressful and meaningless. Cog in a machine..

I kid you not my company is so full of greedy mesed up personalities and bullies that I'm totally disillusioned

Im not at a place yet inside where i have the courage of my convictions yet though to do something more socially meaningful. But i know I will once im five years older or so.

Good luck with it Joel

Thank you.

I spent 16 years in a career I hated, just for the money. Others loved it and thrived. Go figure! I hope you find a path that works for you... it sounds like you’re in a somewhat toxic environment, and I feel for you because I endured that myself, and it really wears on you.

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